Osteo-Arthritis and Knee Pain

Knee Pain from Osteo-arthritis or OA is a very painful condition in which the knee joint has essentially lost the "padding" or inner joint cartilage that acts as a type of shock absorber.  This can be caused by a degenerative condition, being overweight, or from having what is called Valgus or Varus leg formation, more commonly known as "bowlegged" or just the opposite and being inverted knee angles. 

Whichever the case may be, is a chronically painful condition that can affect your lifestyle.  One very common and relatively simple way to address the OA Knee, is by utilizing an OA knee brace.  What this type of brace does is very different from what more common knee braces do.  Its sole purpose is to re-adjust the knee joint just enough to relieve the pressure and pain caused from the bone on bone grinding.  This type of brace will "off-load" the pressure JUST enough to provide relief by applying pressure at the knee joint at various angles - depending on the patient’s specific condition.  

The Game Changer OA Knee Brace from Ovation Medical is one of the best off-loading OA Knee braces on the market that we have had the best patient outcomes with AND it has a very aggressive price compared to other units available. 

ic: Game Changer OA Knee Brace


We are able to and recommend having a video conference or facetime to help with the fitting process.  Feel free to contact www.lifetherapeutic.net for more information. 

Danny Upchurch 

Certified Orthotic Fitter 


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