Video Chat Orthotic Brace Fitting - Kinda of a First

In a world where people order online and are mailed there brace or support or they go to their Physician and they are recommended for a brace and then the brace / orthotic device is mailed out to them; this is becoming more and more a standard of practice.  Life Therapeutic has a goal of developing a different model of patient education and product delivery that will benefit the patient's overall usage compliance, product understanding, and overall health benefit.  

Video Conference or a simple "face time" session will help the patient through the fitting process and understand what is ACTUALLY going on with their Orthotic device and how it benefits them.  This is not as intimate as fitting the brace in clinic or office and in person but it is a huge step forward from just mailing out braces to patients and "assuming" they know what to do next as providers go to the bank with the customers money in hand.  

What we are willing to do is have contact before the customer purchases their product.  We will then make sure it is what they actually need and then after they get the device, get on some form of Video Chat such as Face Time or Skype or even just a phone call to make sure they are fitted properly.  From there we will make sure they understand the workings of the devices and how to use it, clean it and take care of it.   This is no different than coming into the Doctor's office and getting fitted and going through the overall all process.  

Our goal is to make the buying and fitting process less intimidating by giving customers a resource for them to lean on and have confidence in.  

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